Sunday, April 14, 2013

turning high-stakes testing on its head...

 The following is dedicated to the tireless efforts of Peggy Robertson and the founding members of United Opt Out National....

Be sure to color in the bubbles carefully. Take your time. Read the questions thoroughly.
When you are done checking your answers, turn your test upside down and wait patiently.
 Thank you for doing your best on this totally fucked up stupid invalid important exam.

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How to opt out in California

Division 1.  California Department of Education
Chapter 2.  Pupils

Subchapter 3.75.  Standardized Testing and Reporting Program

Article 2. Standards-Based Achievement Tests, Alternate Assessments,
and Any Primary Language Test

§ 852. Pupil Exemptions.

            A parent or guardian may submit to the school a written request to excuse his or her child from any or all parts of any test provided pursuant to Education Code section 60640. If a parent or guardian submits an exemption request after testing has begun, any test(s) completed before the request is submitted will be scored and the results reported to the parent or guardian and included in the pupil’s records. A school district and its employees may discuss the STAR Program with parents and may inform parents of the availability of exemptions under Education Code section 60615. The school district and its employees shall not solicit or encourage any written exemption request on behalf of any child or group of children.
NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 33031 and 60605, Education Code. Reference: Sections 60605, 60607, 60615, 60640 and 60641, Education Code. 

For learning how to opt out in other states, please visit United Opt Out National by clicking here.

Occupy the DOE 2.0, The Battle for Public Schools 
United Opt Out founders lead public education activists in a march 
to the White House to tell President Obama,
 "Our kids are more than a test score!"

Stephen Krashen and @ATeacherAnon
at the White House