Saturday, October 15, 2011

i heart george buzzetti or f.u. arne duncan

Recently the US Secretary of Miseducation, Arne Duncan, traveled to Pico Rivera, California to have a 2-hour-long town hall with parents and community leaders, hosted by the US Department of Education. As usual, Arne didn't give a sh!t about wasn't interested in meeting with teachers.  Anyway, over 1,000 people came to ask questions and share their thoughts with Arne. I guess Arne didn't expect such a large crowd, eager to ask questions and tell their stories. So after 20 short minutes of blah blah blah blah from Arne, he split. Yep. He left. After. 20. minutes. Gee, Arne. What happened? Weren't you feelin' the love? Afraid of what the crowd might say? Come on, dude! Where are your cojones? Aren't you the All Powerful Oz??? Oh, that's right. You're not. Bill Gates is. My bad!

But as Arne was trying to slickly sneak outta town, a voice was heard from the audience, "He has no respect for students, parents or teachers, he is now on his way to get money."

OMG! If I'd have been there, I may have had to light a cigarette. Oh, yeah, baby! That was the voice of George Buzzetti (who I am SO gonna Scroogle after I finish this blog)! When an article covering the event was published in the LA Weekly, George commented:
I am the person who yelled to the audience "He has no respect for students, parents or teachers, he is now on his way to get money."  I did not plan that.  It happened as a reaction to his total disrespect, and if not addressed right then and there he would get away with it.  I was not going to allow that to happen as I am the one who originated opening up a closed meeting to all comers through Lydia Grant, Board Member of the Parent Revolution, and Yolande Beckles with the LAUSD Parent District Advisory Council (DAC) and new Parent Union.  I am with the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) of California and requested attendance for three members myself, Celes King IV and Miguel Paredes.  We received that Sunday.  Monday I called Lydia and Yolande to send in requests on their letterhead, they did.  Within several hours both received phone calls, from officials representing Duncan, asking them to bring every student, parent, teacher and community member they can so they can be listened to by the Secretary of Education.  Also, go to the press so we can have as many people there as possible.  This was done.  From San Diego to the edge of L.A. County they came including a bus load paid for by The California Teachers Association (CTA) who helped parents go to this supposedly important event for the public to be heard.  Channel 11 was there and got video of me calling down Duncan and ran on the news he ran from parents.  He was there by helicopter no more than 20 minutes total.

When I went outside with one of his aides, and a lot of police, I ripped his aide apart so much the police started laughing.  Students were watching all of this intently.  The aide left and I spent the next hour plus with many students who told me and my other friends there what is really happening to them.  I also had my laptop and wireless card and showed them the statistical facts.  I took them to the California Dept. of Education (CDE) website and asked them to give me a school and we went there and I showed them how to use the website to do what I do to learn the truth.  They gave me their emails and I am sending them my spreadsheets and the instructions on how to use the CDE website. 

I must ask you to also ask yourselves the same question I asked myself, and that is "Why were they not out there talking with the students?"  Isn't that supposed to be their MISSION!!!!!

Unfortunately, we are seeing the same Arne Duncan as in Chicago.  He helped to ruin the Chicago Public Schools academically and financially.  Please go look at the new University of Chicago study on Chicago Public Schools from 1988 until now.  He did not do good.

Also, while superintendent of Chicago he and Senator Feinstein wrote letters to the California Legislature stating that those before Daley and Vallas took over in 1995 had put the district into $1.8 billion in debt.  I have the financial income and expenditures from 1994 and there was a surplus.  They lied.  Is this who we want for Secretary of Education?  A person with no respect for the public and a liar! 

George, I hope you don't mind that I published your comments in my blog, but they were just too awesome not to share! And, Arne, dude, all I can say is, despite your evidently petite cojones, you are a dickus maximus... and I DON'T mean that in a good way. FUAD and the helicopter you rode in on! Srsly.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

arne duncan - the BS whisperer

Sometimes I wonder why I do the things I do. Last year, watching MSNBC's, now annual corporate education deform infomercial, Mis Education Nation, my already hormonally hot self became even hotter. Despite having this prior learning embedded in my schema, I decided to watch the segment, Classrooms in Action: A Window on Great Teaching to see what 'great teaching' looks like because surely, as a veteran educator, I couldn't possibly know. And since none of the corporate ed deformers have been able to substantively define it, I thought maybe this segment would finally crack the code. ...Oh, crap! This segment is brought to me by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation! ...OK. Never mind. I probably won't see any code being cracked in this segment, after all. But since I'd already pointed and clicked, I thought I hang in there to see what my idiotic dimwit of a Secretary of Education would have to say about "great teaching".

After viewing Arne's pick for "great teaching" in action, IN the classroom of the "great" teacher an interesting question was asked:

Anne Curry:  Secretary Duncan, here’s the situation. In this particular school, on paper, is an affluent, suburban middle school: 82.95% white, 90% non-economically disadvantaged. You can see that they have all kinds of materials. There are lots of schools where the students don’t even have pencils, don’t have notebooks, and yet look at what these kids have! So of course these kids have a better start! Isn’t this something we should have for every school, no matter what the economic background? 
Arne Duncan:  Absolutely. (<--That was his answer. Period! Then he goes into empty rhetoric mode. -->)  Education has to be the great equalizer and whether you’re coming from an affluent background, or whether you have parents who neither one graduated from elementary school, every child in this country deserves a world-class education. Teachers like Kyle are just absolutely amazing. Every teacher needs a great great teacher like that but a huge part of our job is to make sure children in traditionally underserved communities, be they urban or rural or remote, have a chance to have a world-class education. As a country, that’s what we stand for.  (<-- BS ALERT! WE DON’T, as a country, stand for that! We stand for war and corporate greed, dude!) We all have to work together, the federal level, the state level, local level ….business community, philanthropic community. If we’re not giving children these kinds of opportunities, we’re just robbing them of their future and ultimately hurting the country.

Me:  Arne, are you really that dim or are you just trying to mess with us? Let me help you out here. Curry was asking you to tell the audience what you could do to make certain children in impoverished schools received those resources as well. Specifically. Empty rhetoric not allowed. But that’s all you gave us. More of the same, empty BS.

Anne Curry:   …Secretary Duncan, I think what we are really seeing here though is that we need to figure out a way for all schools to get the resources to be able to get this kind of opportunity for these students to get hands on learning that seems to part of the equation for creating good teaching. 
Arne Duncan:  Hugely important. (<--That was his response. Then he changes the narrative yet again. -->) I just want to thank Kyle. He’s an amazing amazing teacher. His students are so lucky to have him. You asked me to pick one highlighting great teaching, but let me tell you we have hundreds of thousands of teachers around the country every single day with Kyle’s creativity, passion and commitment. We can’t do enough to shine the spotlight on great teaching. I appreciate the opportunity you’ve given us to do that.
Me:  Arne. Arne. Arne. Curry reframed the question in an attempt to get you to answer it. But again, you didn't! Well, bully for you! Rather than answering questions in a substantive manner, you simply cut and paste a collection your BS sound bites into the dialogue to fill the time. You, Arne, are a chicken. I dare you to tell us how you can make sure ALL schools receive the resources that affluent, suburban schools do! I dare you.

NOTE TO ARNE: While we're at it, saying "great great" or "amazing amazing" is not the way to increase the power of a word. At least try pulling out a thesaurus, dude! You're modeling bad English for our nation's school children. And given your hard-on enthusiasm for world-class academic standards, I would expect the Secretary of Education to be more erudite!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

sh!t arne says

We also want you to enjoy so many other enriching experiences that are so important to a complete education. We know you have great music, art, and physical education teachers at your school, and we believe that these subjects are essential for a well-rounded curriculum. And so is recess. We want you to have fun!
Arne Duncan

Arne, I'm really happy for you that your kids attend a great school that provides them with such a rich educational experience. I truly heart how you think music, art, physical education and recess are important! That your children's elementary school actually has teachers for those subjects is remarkable! And Arne, though it may be hard for us to believe, it would appear that we actually agree on something! How 'bout that?

But here's the thing, Arne. Schools in my city don't have such enriching experiences for our children. (BTW - Elementary schools in my city have NEVER had specialized teachers for music, art, or physical education.) And thanks to NCLB and RTTT, rich educational experiences are not part of my kindergarteners' day. While your kids are rockin' their rich educational experiences, my 25 students' day looks like this:

  8:35 - Greeting, roll, lunch count, news
  8:55 - English Language Development
  9:25 - Learning to Read, Word Work, Writing & Language
10:25 - Strategic Support for English Language Arts
10:40 - Nutrition Break
10:55 - Math
11:25 - Strategic Support for Math
11:45 - Lunch
12:15 - Dismissal

Yep. Welcome to my world! Tell me, Arne, does the above look like a rich educational experience for my 4 and 5 year olds?  (Hint: Hell to the no!) Instead, our world delivers to America's future a "Sit-down-Shut-up-Listen-and-remember" educational experience. We have one workbook for Language Arts, one workbook for English Language Development, and two workbooks for Math. Lots of seat time and paper and pencil activities for these young learners. Sadly, you probably don't even get why this is a bad thing. And why don't you get that? ANSWER: BECAUSE YOU AREN'T A TEACHER! Not to mention you've never studied education theory or child development. Other than photo ops, public schools haven't really been part of your life experience - especially high poverty public schools.

So Arne, it just seems that every time you open your mouth you say something that is guaranteed to piss me off. Our mandated curricula sucks. It's developmentally inappropriate, narrow narrow narrow, greatly irrelevant (I mean who cares what a possessive pronoun is, anyway? Srsly!) and BORING! And thanks to the stupid sh!t you keep promoting through your Federal Education Bribery Schemes... Well, regarding irrelevant, boring education... I'm thinking we ain't seen nothin' yet!

I have no faith in you, Arne, as the Secretary of Education for our nation. Maybe I'd look more kindly on you if you'd put your own kids in one of the many high poverty DC public schools near your workplace and let them experience all the richness that our test prep factories have to offer. Hey, you can even put them in one of those high poverty DC charter schools you're so enamored with, hopefully in a classroom with a Teach for America 'teacher'! You know, one of those best and brightest! If you did that, then maybe I'd believe that you think that what you're doing IS what's best for kids.

Come on, Arne. I dare you!

Monday, September 5, 2011

california department of education's policy on STAR testing.....

Division 1.  California Department of Education
Chapter 2.  Pupils

Subchapter 3.75.  Standardized Testing and Reporting Program

Article 1.  General

§ 852. Pupil Exemptions.
            A parent or guardian may submit to the school a written request to excuse his or her child from any or all parts of any test provided pursuant to Education Code section 60640. If a parent or guardian submits an exemption request after testing has begun, any test(s) completed before the request is submitted will be scored and the results reported to the parent or guardian and included in the pupil’s records. A school district and its employees may discuss the STAR Program with parents and may inform parents of the availability of exemptions under Education Code section 60615. The school district and its employees shall not solicit or encourage any written exemption request on behalf of any child or group of children.
NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 33031 and 60605, Education Code. Reference: Sections 60605, 60607, 60615, 60640 and 60641, Education Code. 

..... just sayin'. Neutrally, of course!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

kindergarten 2011-12 on the left coast

Thanks to continued Federal intrusion into the learning lives of children and the importance of data points and accountability, here's the new and improved schedule for the Kindergarten Class of 2011-12:

Other than the 5 minutes allotted for Opening Activities (greeting each student; putting backpacks away; getting settled; attendance; lunch count; mail; announcements.... Right, like in 5 minutes?), these 4 and 5 year old children will enjoy 2 hours and 55 minutes of seat time as I effectively deliver a skills based, scripted, academic English Language Development, English Language Arts, and Math curricula. During 60 minutes of ELA and Math Strategic Support, I will address the needs of the Below Basic and Far Below Basic children while the other 4 and 5 year olds are working independently at their instructional level. (NOTE: In the school districts in my city on the Left Coast we do not have instructional aides, or specials - music and art teachers.)

I am sure my students will enjoy the Health Nutrition break, where they will be able to eat a snack and play play play to their hearts' content and socialize for an entire 10 minutes! Wow! Life doesn't get much better than that when you're 4 and 5 years old.

Now regarding the 20 minutes allotted for Science/Social Studies/Music/Art..... well I won't even get into the reality of those 20 minutes. Anyone who's ever taught kindergarten can look at the above schedule and figure out why.

So the year has begun... On your mark. Get set. GO! And while I'm at it, I'll be giving the Emerging Literacy Assessment, one-on-one, to each of my students (To Be Completed by the ninth day of school. No excuses!) After all, it's never too early to labels kids as failures, is it? So in 9 short days, my kids have been bibbidy bobbidy booed and magically turned into data points... because, well, DIG*! 

*DIG = Data Is God

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

the devolution of the teaching profession

Last night I returned home from an invigorating, yet sweltering, five days in Washington, DC for the Save Our Schools March and National Call to Action. My profession was affirmed by not only the keynote conference speakers, Diane Ravitch and Jonathan Kozol, but also by the thousands of like-minded individuals attending the event. At the rally, the voices of Deb Meier, John Kuhn, Taylor Mali, Nancy Carlsson-Paige and Matt Damon were added in the mix. We listened. We learned. We marched. We engaged democracy.  I returned home inspired, energized and ready to start the new school year.

And then I went to training for our new language arts curriculum.  We were handed the obligatory copy of the PowerPoint slides as we signed in. I'll admit, I was tired and not particularly looking forward to the training, but here I was, like it or not. I get that my district is held hostage by the policy makers at the state and federal levels and they're just doing what is being mandated. But, really, I don't know how much more of this absurdity I can take.

As the trainer read the PowerPoint slides, I reflected on how unamusing I find it when trainers read their PowerPoint slides to their audience. I mean, all of us are college graduates who are very capable readers. We don't really need a read aloud. The story's just not that good. 

Then we were introduced to content and language objective frames, and my eyes started rolling around in my head. I mean, how many times do I have to point out that our kindergarteners can't read the frames, so what's the point in posting them? And why in the hell do they have to repeat them after me? I'm teaching children here, not monkeys. And regarding focus walls... don't even get me started. And I am so over using academic language with my four year olds.

So I admit, I was kinda having a brattitude about all this, but I was doing a pretty good job of not looking seriously pissed off. After all, I do have a degree in Theatre Arts and am a highly proficient actor. So I can look interested if need be. And though it's annoying enough to have to choral read the PowerPoint slides, that was nothing compared to what we were told to do next.

The topic was the importance of reading with expression. Yeah, ok.... like, duh?! That's a no-brainer, dude. But I was completely unprepared for what came next. With the text projected on the screen, our trainer selected several words from the text. We were told that we were now to read the passage, chorally, putting emphasis on the selected words. 1, 2, 3, go! Geeze. If this is a bad nightmare would someone please wake me up? I mean, we're already handed a script for teaching, complete with comprehension questions in red to ask during the read aloud which is utterly joy killing. Seriously, can I just read the story to the kids for fun? Interrupting the flow of a good read aloud to ask these inane questions is a real story killer. And now we're being told which words to emphasize in the text? Sh!t. What comes in the next edition of the Teacher's Manuel? Will Houghton-Mifflin start color coding the words they deem important enough to emphasize when reading aloud? I mean, I may be blonde, but I'm not stupid! Is this absurdity never ending?

After the training, I returned home and reflected on the day and what was being asked of, and imposed upon, my profession... my practice. I'm tired of forcing a joyless curricula on my children. I'm tired of interrupting stories to discuss pointless questions. I'm tired of having 8 million standards to cover to prove the rigor of our curricula. I'm tired of discrete lessons focusing on useless details taught without context. I'm tired of hearing myself talk talk talk. When do I get to listen to my children's voices? I'm tired of racing to reach the ever rising bar. And I'm beyond tired of doing stupid sh!t that is not supported by research, just because it's in the Teacher's Manuel. And I am oh so so tired of our collective wisdom, expertise and understanding of how kids learn and should be taught being ignored.

I just think I'm done. I don't think I can keep imposing this stupid stuff on my kids. These kids are my future. What will happen if they don't learn to think critically? What will happen if they never learn that their voices are important and need to be heard? What will happen if they think the only thing that gives them value is a test score? What will happen if they only learn how to listen and not how to participate in a meaningful way? What will happen if they never learn the importance of relationships and working together? What will happen if they never discover the joy of reading or develop a love of learning? I worry about this because the current day curricular programs put my children's brains, hearts and lives in harms way. And like doctors, I believe teachers should do no harm yet that is what we are being forced to do.

I know how the kids will feel someday if their voices are not heard, or if their expertise is not honored, because that's the way teachers are feeling today. Disillusioned, demoralized, angry and uncertain whether or not they can carry on in today's climate. So the big question is what do I do now? Perhaps I'll just close my door and read stories all day long, without being interrupted, and choose which words I want to emphasize. I cannot live without reading. I want my kids to feel that way too. And if I need to have my spirits lifted and my efforts encouraged, I'll just go to YouTube and watch Diane Ravitch's inspiring and passionate speech at the Save Our Schools rally because bottom line, I've got precious lives to save!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

what i'd really like my sign to say.....

With all due respect,

F@#k You, Arne Duncan!

...and I don't mean in a good way! 

Ok. I'll go put myself in a timeout now.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

protest signs for the sos march

Teachers Are More Than a Test Score!

Arne Duncan is Far Below Basic!

 NCLB Put Us on a Trajectory to Failure.

Teachers Put Kids First Every Day!

$pend $$$ on Kid$, NOT Te$t$!

Tests are Harmful for Children and Other Living Things!

Fire Arne!

Bubble Tests Create Bubbleheads!

Fire Arne, NOT Teachers!

NCLB - Don't Reauthorize! EUTHANIZE!

Arne Duncan, Proudly Pushing Ideology Over Evidence, 24/7!

Failed Policies Coming to a School Near You!

Just Say No to Arne!

 Teachers Vote!

Arne, STFU... Please!

It's Poverty, Stupid!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

weighing in on the brooks/alter/ravitch debate

A 150 word version of the following was submitted to the New York Times in response to "Invitation to a Dialogue: Fixing the Schools" where Diane Ravitch responds to David Brooks's article "Smells Like School Spirit" where he lies about misrepresents her views.

Pundits such as David Brooks and Jonathan Alter are long on hyperbole and criminally short on facts (the real kind, not the pretend or purchased kind). Does Dr. Ravtich cherry pick her facts? Absolutely! She draws her facts from high quality, peer-reviewed research. It is this proclivity that caused her to reverse her initial beliefs on the school reform strategies that she helped develop as one of the architects of NCLB.

It is this relentless pursuit of the truth, and a deep commitment to public education for all of our nation’s children, that inspires such a dedicated following.  As a parent, educator and researcher, I have lived under NCLB mandates from its inception and now suffer the latest not-so-great-thing, Race to the Top.  I have followed the research; that research has supported my findings in the classroom. These reforms have and continue to negatively impact our students, teachers and schools.

The blatant disregard of the professional voices from the trenches has been baffling. Our concerns have been ignored. We’ve been forced to watch our children burn out at young ages from being tested to death. We have seen our curricula narrow due to high-stakes testing. We have seen our most struggling students receive inadequate support, then be labeled as failures.  We have been seriously demoralized.

Billionaires have funded the assault on public education, fueling it with misinformation and lies, and have effectively co-opted the media. Teacher voices have been silenced. The lone voice speaking on our behalf, speaking truth to power, has been that of Dr. Diane Ravitch. She’s our Little Engine That Could; she’s our David to the corporate education reformers, Goliath. That this mild mannered, 73 year old grandmother and much honored education historian has been under attack, both professionally and personally, by pundits whose education qualifications are sorely lacking, is abhorrent.

That these rich, white men, decades younger than Dr. Ravitch, find her such a threat is amusing. She has been able to do things her critics will never be able to do: admit when they’re wrong. THAT is what has earned her my undying respect and support.

In the 1950s, it was Clark Kent, a mild mannered reporter. In 2011, it’s Diane Ravitch, a mild mannered education historian. And she doesn’t need no stinkin’ phone booth!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

breaking up is hard to do

Barry, baby, it's just so hard.... lemme sing it for you...

Vocals: Me
Piano: Philip Epstein

Saturday, July 2, 2011

a few suggestions for the corporate ed deformers

Dear Corporate Ed Deformers:

I'm concerned that you don't know what the hell you're doing how to determine what will totally screw up is best for helping our nation's schoolchildren. I know you're really busy, so I won't take a lot of your time but I feel that the following are worth considering:
  • Facts (the real kind, not the pretend or purcha$ed kind) are your friends. 
  • Acquaint yourselves with them. 
  • Embrace them. 
  • Let them guide you.
Otherwise STFU!!! 

A Teacher Anon

p.s. Poverty is NOT an excuse!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

hangin' out with arne ~ one blogger's experience

Recently, a friend from the tweetosphere posted this blog. I found it to be an interesting discourse!

When I checked into the tweetosphere this morning, I was thrilled to see my bud, Arne Duncan, tweeting his little (literally) brain out. In case you don't know, he's at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado, ready to spread more of his incredible bullshit wisdom to any sucker ivy leaguer interested parties willing to listen. Well, I was so excited to see him on twitter that I thought I'd just jump in and join him. I mean, who would I rather get into an early morning convo with than Diane Ravitch Stephen Krashen Susan Ohanian Arne Duncan? So, I started tweeting away in response to his tweets (I, like, so can't believe I was tweeting with Arne Duncan!) I'm gonna keep those tweets forever and I thought it might be nice to share them with you. BTW: You may notice that Arne's not that good about answering questions, etc., but hey, it was early in the AM.

Arne Duncan 
High performing countries invest in education differently than we do

outside the box
 Yeah, like not investing in high-stakes testing and test prep or having a narrow curricula. And how about small class sizes?

Arne Duncan 
We're not giving enough resources to the kids in the communities that need the most help 

outside the box
 That's b/c U R giving all of R money away 2 consultants, test makers & textbook companies, none of which increase achievement.

Arne Duncan 
Thanks to  we've seen more reform in the last two years than in the last decade.

outside the box
 Yeah but those reforms suck. Proven failures. Fire yourself Arne. You're bad for our kids.

outside the box
 Real Reform vs Faux Reform 

Arne Duncan 
We all need to take on the status quo -- mayors, governors, unions, school board members 

outside the box
 Arne you and your buds are the biggest defenders of the status quo.

outside the box
BTW  Bill Gates is a computer guy. He doesnt know sh!t about education. Seriously! Y R U letting him call the shots?

Arne Duncan 
Folks who say poverty is destiny--that's one of the biggest challenges we face in education reform today 

outside the box
 Cut the crap, Arne. Who has said that? Srsly!

Arne Duncan 
Part of why high other countries are outpacing us is because they are recruiting the top 1/3 of college graduates into teaching 

outside the box
 Arne, how does poverty affect student achievement? BTW: 21%+ of our kids live in poverty.

Arne Duncan 
We need to pay teachers more 

outside the box
 How about : "I need to respect teachers more." That "I" means you, Arne

Arne Duncan 
We should pay great teachers $150,000 a year 

outside the box
 How do you define 'great teacher'?

Arne Duncan 
We need to have a high bar, high standards, recruit great teachers and principals, and give districts more flexibility 

outside the box
 Re: high bar, high standards... You need to start with the Secretary of Education position first. Major fail currently.

Arne Duncan 
Anyone who thinks that great teaching doesn't matter devalues the profession 

outside the box
 Oh, and re: "devalues the profession". You don't wanna go there, Arne, because re: valuing the profession - U R Far Below Basic

Arne Duncan 
Do unions have to change, absolutely. So do school boards, principals, and we as a department 

outside the box
 Does the Secretary of Ed need to change? Oh yeah!!! Got facts?

Arne Duncan 
Where we have courageous unions, we need to celebrate and reward that. 

outside the box
 Yep because courageous unions would have stood up to u and your deformer pals instead of rolling over 4 a place at the table!

Arne Duncan 
Or goal is pretty simple, we want to lead the world in college graduates by 2020 

outside the box

Arne Duncan 
The countries that out-educate us today will out- compete us tomorrow 

outside the box
 Really? Then I am so scared of Finland. /eyeroll/

outside the box
 BTW: Education is NOT a competition!

Arne Duncan 
When you see high performing schools they're not teaching to the test everyday. The test scores take care of themselves 

outside the box
 That's right. Only schools w/ poor black & brown children are teaching to the test all day every day.

Arne Duncan 
When students drop out of school they're condemned to poverty and social failure 

outside the box
 Would u stay in school when all that's valued is a test score & yours sucks? When all u do is ELA & math test prep

Arne Duncan 
We're investing $350 million to come up with the next generation of assessments, we need to move beyond filling in bubbles 

outside the box
 Sorry Arne but that just shows what a dolt u r. We don't need more tests!!! We need equitable & full funding 4 r schools!

Arne Duncan 
We want to expand access to early childhood education, but access to quality 

outside the box
 Hey, there's a good idea! long as you don't test them 2 death.

Arne Duncan 
Reforms in IL are a model for the country 

outside the box

And on that note, our tweetversation was over. /sigh/ I wonder if he'll be tweeting tomorrow morning.