Saturday, April 9, 2011

michelle rhee: a glossarhee, 2nd edition

Rheewrite:  to write something again in order to embellish or falsify an existing document
Rheelay:  to receive and pass on misinformation and/or lies
Unrheedeemable:  not capable of being cured or reformed due to vicious, destructive actions taken in the name of corporate ed deform
Rheesumé:  a page full of lies
Rheevise:  to prepare a newly rheerased, edited version of what rheelly was; to intentionally change or modify in order to mislead
Rheevision:  an illegally altered final draft or new version of existing material
Rheefudiate: to refuse to be challenged when telling lies, regardless of evidence
Rheetract:  to quickly take back or disavow incorrectly marked test answers or verifiable statements of intentional misinformation
Rheelly:  used to express surprise, interest or doubt as in “RUFKM?”  Serheeously!
Rheevile:  to criticize in an abusive or angrily insulting manner, often involving the word crap or crappy
Rheestateto state again the same lie in a new form
Unrheesonablehaving unsound judgment; unfair and insensible; often in regard to education policy
Rheehearse: to practice and repeat key phrases or sound bites for later public performance; e.g. status quo; dramatically change; change the trajectory; put adult interests ahead of students; rheesearch shows; a teacher’s value-added; I don't give a crap.
Rheeplay:  to play back a section of a rheecording in order to watch and/or hear one’s self again and again and again
Rheetaliate:  to seek revenge in an especially evil manner
Rheeplace: to change a wrong answer to a right answer; provide or find a substitute for an ousted quack or fraud
Rheemail:  an electronic communication generated by an education rheeformer
Rheephrase: to express a lie in a different way, especially with the purpose of inciting fear or deflecting truth when confronted with facts
Rheeview:  to examine facts then willfully and intentionally dismiss them
Rheeinvent:  to spin shamelessly in order to aggrandize one’s self
Rheemember:  to rheecall alleged facts based on hearsay
Rheeply:  an answer most likely untrue
Rheeism a lie
Rheeality an existence devoid of facts
Rheesist: to vigorously deny facts
Rheespond: to answer a question with a lie
Rheesult an outcome obtained through questionable, unethical, illegal, or immoral means
Rheerase a strategy employed to raise test scores
Rheerasure the outcome as a rheesult of rheerasing.
Rheeform drastic change imposed by clueless people and unsupported by peer-reviewed research or facts
Rheeformer an education deformer committed to imposing drastic change while willfully ignoring input from experts
Rheecommendation:  a suggestion made by a highly unqualified person
Rheesearch a billionaire-funded investigation initiated to support a predetermined outcome
Rheepeat:  stating a lie over and over in an attempt to create a truth
Rheetell to change one’s story multiple times; back peddle
Rheemove to fire without cause; to fire and replace with cheap, unqualified labor
Rheesign to leave a job after 3 years
Rheetire: to be forcefully driven from one’s position or occupation under a cloak of controversy
Rheegurgitate to spew out nonsense; usually done by education deformers
Rheeap to obtain employment, wealth or stature through the efforts and/or contributions of sugar daddy billionaires
Rheetard a devotee of Michelle Rhee; a member of the Michelle Rhee Fan Club

Thanks for inspiration and suggestions for the 2nd Edition go to: Diane Hanfmann, Michael Fiorillo, McStowy, Bob Somerby, Venicelady, Sahila, Cindy Lane Sloan, Guy Brandenburg and Dale Rogers.


  1. This list is getting to be almost as long as a real dictionarhee.

  2. hahahaha, "moira". i've gotta stop. :)

  3. Gosh, people are creative. I love this!

  4. Oh wow! I didn't realize it was Moira who was commenting! Oops! I don't know how to change that. Funny.

  5. I adore this glossary! Great work! Rheepeat - Chancellor Henderson or any friend of Rhee who takes over where she quit.

  6. rheetape: the act of taping children's mouths shut to force them to be quiet, as Rhee herself boasts about doing to her 2nd graders.

  7. Rheefundamentalists .... those who are working with Rhee to make sure all public money is refunded back to the oligarcy...

  8. you forgot rheetoric = same old, same old

  9. change the name of something in order give the impression that it has improved (i.e. Academy vs. School)

  10. You guys are all so clever. I think I'm going to have to start working on the 3rd edition of the glossarhee!!! ;) xoxo