Friday, April 22, 2011

status quo

  • the existing state of affairs
    • large class sizes
    • developmentally inappropriate curriculum (a.k.a. higher standards)
    • narrowly focused, densely packed curriculum
    • scripted curriculum
    • vocational education classes
    • test prep overkill
    • high-stakes standardized testing
    • intensive intervention services for struggling students
    • inequitable funding for schools
    • education policy being driven by corporate education reformers

"What keeps me up at night is the historic lack of urgency, the acceptance of the status quo. We need to change. Anyone who is defending the status quo is part of the problem."
Arne Duncan
US Secretary of Education

When corporate education reformers like Arne Duncan, Bill Gates and Michelle Rhee rail against those who defend the status quo, they should really start looking in the mirror. Dudes, you ARE the problem!

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