Thursday, April 28, 2011

corporate education reform job openings

    Corporate Education Reform Wants YOU!

Teach for America (TFA)

  • Bachelor's degree required (any major is acceptable)
  • 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Education coursework not required 
  • Teaching credential not required
  • TFA Training Program: As a corps member, you will attend an intensive, 5 week summer training program to prepare you to lead our nation's most ghettolicious at-risk students in making substantial miraculous academic progress, while single-handedly widening closing the achievement gap.
  • The Teach for America Paradigm:  We are arrogant enough to know we are gods.
  • The TFA Motto:  Two years 'til Wall Street, then we're done with this shit!

The Broad Academy for Superintendents

    • Teaching experience not required
    • Administrative experience not required
    • Administrative Credential not required
    • Any background in education not required
    • Desired experience: senior level executive position in the private sector, government, military, ........or education 
    • Broad Academy Training: A rigorous 6 week training program (over a 10 month period) will provide Fellows with the tools necessary to totally fuck up succeed in a large urban school district.
    • The Broad Paradigm: Collaboration is crap.
    • The Broad Academy Motto: Fire. Fire. Then fire some more expensive experienced veteran non-TFA educators.


          1. I love it. You put it so plainly. It is so truly terrifying. Our children are being turned into oppressed machine-slaves. The parents and students of this society are being singlehandedly brainwashed by clueless, selfish millionares, and it makes me sick.
            I have a blog too:
            Thanks for blogging in support of REAL educators.

          2. Really? 2.5 is the minimum GPA? much for the slamming teachers with the "bottom of their graduating classes" thing-a TFAer with a 2.5 wouldn't really be setting his or her graduating class on fire either. So is GPA important or not? If it is, then I would think the minimum GPA would be a little higher.

          3. Chalk Duster (BTW, love that font!), thanks for representing as well. Yay, I no have another blog to enjoy!!

            Shannon, no kidding. So much for the creme de la creme.