Sunday, September 1, 2013

"nea hearts arne" or "WTF? are you crazy!!!"

New Business Item 36 called for the removal of Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education. Despite several well-informed speeches in support of this NBI, it was defeated. It is a mystery to me how a room full of educators, all of us victims of Duncan's horrific education policies, could continue to support Arne Duncan. His policies are harming our nation's non-elite children and the majority vote seems to send a message that that's OK with the majority of teachers. WTF? Either there's not much critical thinking going on among the delegation, or people are just plain stupid.  Here's what I had to say...

ATeacherAnon addressing 10,000 delegates at the NEA RA 2013
My name is *ATeacherAnon* from California. I am a proud member of the Badass Teachers Association. I am speaking as an individual in support of NBI 36.

As CEO of Chicago Public Schools, Arne Duncan instituted policies that were harmful to the city's children. In Chicago, he instituted school turnarounds, firing the staff and turning schools into charter schools managed by for-profit management companies.

He closed neighborhood schools, forcing children to walk through the communities of rival gang members and attend schools along with those gang members. This policy resulted in increased violence, including murder.

Arne supports charter schools, as well as the highly unqualified Teach For Awhile program which sends recent college graduates with 5 weeks of training into schools serving our neediest children.

He supports evaluating teachers by test scores.

He supports high stakes testing.

He reveres truth-challenged Michelle Rhee yet doesn't support public school teachers.
(See Rhode Island and New Orleans)

Race to the Top and Son of Race to the Top are nothing more than bribery schemes. Education is not a competition. Bribing financially strapped districts to adopt expensive, bad ideas is unconscionable.

And non-educator Arne Duncan, along with Bill Gates's former staffers, have been working diligently to impose Duncan's failed Chicago strategies on our nation's public school children.

As Secretary of Education, Arne totally sucks... And not in a good way.

We need a lifelong educator as our Secretary of Education.

Support NBI 36

Monday, July 22, 2013

nea ra 2013 - in opposition to nbi a

I tried, but the delegation voted to support spreading the Corporate Core propaganda.  Here's what I said:

My name is ATeacherAnon from California and this is my first RA.  I am speaking as an individual.

I strongly oppose NEA’s support of the Corporate-, Privatizer-, Education Deformer-, Bill Gates-driven Common Core State Standards, which were NOT developed by real, certificated CLASSROOM teachers or child development experts.

Nationally renowned early childhood expert Dr. Nancy Carlsson Paige's research told us that out of the 135 people who developed the K-3 standards, there were NO classroom teachers or child development experts among them,  resulting in standards that are not developmentally appropriate.

Dr. Stephan Krashen predicts that the CCSS will increase testing twentyfold.

I predict that that our already narrow, boring curricula will continue to be so. I predict that we will continue to ignore the needs of the whole child. I predict that we will continue to waste months of instructional time on test prep and testing.

As our class sizes continue to grow, precious dollars will be used to buy technology to serve the Corporate Core. I've read the Finnish national education standards. They do not look at all like the Common Core.

My professional conscience leads me to support real, classroom teacher-driven change, not corporate driven change.  We are burning out and stressing out kids. Kids have become disengaged from learning.

I oppose having my union dues spent to support the CCSS and spread Corporate Core propaganda to our students, families, and colleagues.

I urge you to oppose support for the implementation of these expensive, unproven set of standards.

I urge you, instead to support real, classroom teacher-driven change that will address the individual needs of all of our children.

Haven't we learned anything from NCLB?

Sunday, April 14, 2013

turning high-stakes testing on its head...

 The following is dedicated to the tireless efforts of Peggy Robertson and the founding members of United Opt Out National....

Be sure to color in the bubbles carefully. Take your time. Read the questions thoroughly.
When you are done checking your answers, turn your test upside down and wait patiently.
 Thank you for doing your best on this totally fucked up stupid invalid important exam.

Continue reading to learn:
How to opt out in California

Division 1.  California Department of Education
Chapter 2.  Pupils

Subchapter 3.75.  Standardized Testing and Reporting Program

Article 2. Standards-Based Achievement Tests, Alternate Assessments,
and Any Primary Language Test

§ 852. Pupil Exemptions.

            A parent or guardian may submit to the school a written request to excuse his or her child from any or all parts of any test provided pursuant to Education Code section 60640. If a parent or guardian submits an exemption request after testing has begun, any test(s) completed before the request is submitted will be scored and the results reported to the parent or guardian and included in the pupil’s records. A school district and its employees may discuss the STAR Program with parents and may inform parents of the availability of exemptions under Education Code section 60615. The school district and its employees shall not solicit or encourage any written exemption request on behalf of any child or group of children.
NOTE: Authority cited: Sections 33031 and 60605, Education Code. Reference: Sections 60605, 60607, 60615, 60640 and 60641, Education Code. 

For learning how to opt out in other states, please visit United Opt Out National by clicking here.

Occupy the DOE 2.0, The Battle for Public Schools 
United Opt Out founders lead public education activists in a march 
to the White House to tell President Obama,
 "Our kids are more than a test score!"

Stephen Krashen and @ATeacherAnon
at the White House  

Saturday, February 2, 2013

in honor of michelle rhee and her soon to be released memoir. the 3rd edition of michelle rhee - a glossarhee

Rheeality an existence devoid of facts
Rheeally:  used to express surprise, interest or doubt as in “RUFKM?”  Serheeously!
Rheeap to obtain employment, wealth or stature through the efforts and/or contributions of sugar daddy billionaires
Rheecall: to cancel, take back, or revoke – sort of – a lie one has told
Rheecipient: an individual receiving kudos or monetary prizes based on false data
Rheecommendation:  a suggestion made by a highly unqualified person
Rheedact: to delete factual information from written or oral communication because said information does not support the rheetoric
Rheeduce: to diminish the status of professional public educators
Rheedundant: to rheepeat talking points endlessly in order to avoid questions whose answers would not support a particular rheeality
Rheefer: an herb smoked by corporate education deformers, often used to come up with the ridiculous shit they rheegurgitate incessantly
Rheeform drastic change imposed by clueless people and unsupported by peer-reviewed research or facts
Rheeformer an education deformer committed to imposing drastic change while willfully ignoring input from experts
Rheefudiate: to refuse to be challenged when telling lies, regardless of evidence
Rheefund: bonuses forced to be returned by rheecipients of rheewards based on excessive rheerasures
Rheefurbish: to attempt to repair the status and reputation of one caught in a lie
Rheegret:  sadness felt by a rheeformer when caught in a lie and/or cheating
Rheegurgitate to spew out nonsense; usually done by education deformers
Rheehearse: to practice and repeat key phrases or sound bites for later public performance; e.g. status quo; dramatically change; change the trajectory; put adult interests ahead of students; rheesearch shows; a teacher’s value-added; I don't give a crap.
Rheeinstate: to call back teachers fired based on criteria that violated contract
Rheeinvent:  to spin shamelessly in order to aggrandize one’s self
Rheeism a lie
Rheelay:  to receive and pass on misinformation and/or lies
Rheelinquish: to give up one’s throne due to the anger of the constituency
Rheeluctant: unwilling or disinclined to deal with facts
Rheemail:  an electronic communication generated by an education rheeformer
Rheemember:  to rheecall alleged facts based on hearsay
Rheemove to fire without cause; to fire and replace with cheap, unqualified labor
Rheepeal:  in tandem with complicit union leaders, to make invalid contractual protections, denying educators of important rights
Rheepeat:  stating a lie over and over in an attempt to create a truth
Rheephrase: to express a lie in a different way, especially with the purpose of inciting fear or deflecting truth when confronted with facts
Rheeplace: to change a wrong answer to a right answer; provide or find a substitute for an ousted quack or fraud
Rheeplay:  to play back a section of a rheecording in order to watch and/or hear one’s self again and again and again
Rheeply:  an answer most likely untrue
Rheeprehensible: see Michelle Rhee
Rheerase a strategy employed to raise test scores
Rheerasure the outcome as a rheesult of rheerasing.
Rheesearch a billionaire-funded investigation initiated to support a predetermined outcome
Rheesign to leave a job after 3 years
Rheesist: to vigorously deny facts
Rheespond: to answer a question with a lie
Rheespect: a positive feeling of esteem or deference given to public education deformers, Teach for America, or those determining education policy with no background in education whatsoever
Rheestateto state again the same lie in a new form
Rheesult an outcome obtained through questionable, unethical, illegal, or immoral means; a fake outcome
Rheesumé:  a page full of lies
Rheetaliate:  to seek revenge in an especially evil manner
Rheetard a devotee of Michelle Rhee; a member of the Michelle Rhee Fan Club
Rheetell to change one’s story multiple times; back peddle
Rheetire: to be forcefully driven from one’s position or occupation under a cloak of controversy
Rheetoric: sh!t spewed by Michelle Rhee and other like-minded deformer idiots (See Duncan, Gates, Broad, Kopp, Guggenheim, Oprah, and most of the cast of Waiting for Superman)
Rheetract:  to quickly take back or disavow incorrectly marked test answers or verifiable statements of intentional misinformation
Rheeturn: to elect, or rheeelect, legislators favorable to corporate deformer agendas, usually Republicans or Neo-Liberal Democrats
Rheeverse: acting, operating, or arranged in a manner contrary to proven effective public education policies
Rheeview:  to examine facts then willfully and intentionally dismiss them
Rheevile:  to criticize in an abusive or angrily insulting manner, often involving the word crap or crappy
Rheevise:  to prepare a newly rheerased, edited version of what rheelly was; to intentionally change or modify in order to mislead
Rheevision:  an illegally altered final draft or new version of existing material
Rheevoke: in high-stakes testing, a revoke is a violation of important rules serious enough to render the results invalid. A rheevoke is a violation ranked in seriousness equal to overt cheating, a major offense that is not accidental.
Rheeview: to look over, study, examine facts again then choose to ignore them
Rheevolution: an attack on public education orchestrated by the corporate education deformers.
Rheeward:  a monetary prize based on bogus test scores
Rheewrite:  to write something again in order to embellish or falsify an existing document
Unrheedeemable:  not capable of being cured or reformed due to vicious, destructive actions taken in the name of corporate ed deform
Unrheesonablehaving unsound judgment; unfair and insensible; often in regard to education policy