Tuesday, July 23, 2013

more stupid sh!t arne says

Oh. The. Irony.


  1. "omg can we be best friends?!?!" Okay that sounds too fifth-grade for my liking but I wanted to express my near exhilaration at finding your blog via the whatiscommoncore blog. I align quite well with your ideas on education and reform so it is refreshing to realize I'm not the only CA teacher that "gets it". I'm adding you to my blogs I follow list on my blog http://3rseduc.blogspot.com so that I can refer back to your blog...you have some good research and the like!

    1. BFF - loved your comment! I'm glad you appreciate my snarky blog. I hope I can find some time to blog this year. Last year was busy, but this year with class sizes up to 32 in kindergarten, well... FML! And OMFG CC$$