Sunday, April 3, 2011

an education rheeform fable

TeacherSabrina fights for our schools
Our children, our teachers
All of them jewels
She steps out, she steps up
to fight for what’s right
Determined, courageous
Addressing our plight.

But TeacherSabrina is more than just that
She clearly loved reading the Cat in the Hat
She knew not that later an author she’d be
Writing of schools, some in Washington, D.C.

Much kinder, much smarter, than dreadful Ms. Rhee
What could she write for all people to see?
A cautionary tale she did pen and record
To be viewed by the masses who clearly adored
The pains that this advocate took on their behalf
So read it and listen
Get ready to laugh!

Rhee the Reformer, A Cautionary Tale
by Sabrina Stevens Seuss

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