Tuesday, July 12, 2011

protest signs for the sos march

Teachers Are More Than a Test Score!

Arne Duncan is Far Below Basic!

 NCLB Put Us on a Trajectory to Failure.

Teachers Put Kids First Every Day!

$pend $$$ on Kid$, NOT Te$t$!

Tests are Harmful for Children and Other Living Things!

Fire Arne!

Bubble Tests Create Bubbleheads!

Fire Arne, NOT Teachers!

NCLB - Don't Reauthorize! EUTHANIZE!

Arne Duncan, Proudly Pushing Ideology Over Evidence, 24/7!

Failed Policies Coming to a School Near You!

Just Say No to Arne!

 Teachers Vote!

Arne, STFU... Please!

It's Poverty, Stupid!


  1. All of these are great statements. I think my favorite is: $pend $$$ on Kid$, NOT Te$t$!

    The current RTTT push is doing just that...spending money on tests instead of helping kids directly in the classroom.

    Maybe you can make a t-shirt with one of the other statements. The statement: Arne, STFU... Please! made me laugh. Uh, I think it means: Arne, Stop Thinking of Firing Us, Please.

    I think my t-shirt will say, FUAD (Forever United Against Deformers)

    Have fun creating!


    P.S. Think I'll play that Dixie Chicks' song, "Not Ready to Make Nice" while I make my t-shirt. They made their own t-shirts for some of their concerts. For some reason Toby Keith didn't like their FUTK shirts. Guess you can't please everyone when speaking out.(: