Wednesday, February 15, 2012

sh!t arne says

“Our goal is to work with educators in rebuilding their profession—and to elevate the teacher voice in shaping federal, state and local education policy,” said Secretary Duncan today at the launch of the RESPECT Project. “Our larger goal is to make teaching not only America’s most important profession—but America’s most respected profession,” he said.
Secretary Arne Duncan 
National Conversation on the Future of Teachers Town Hall Meeting
So, Arne.  You're going to do this while you and your corporate ed deformer pals continue to beat the sh!t out of these teachers you so respect. Give me a break! Seriously, Arne.  How stupid do you think teachers are?

R.E.S.P.E.C.T..... Arne, you haven't a clue!


  1. Obviously he, and apparently, his boss think that teachers are pretty stupid. Why else would they spend the first term of this administration selling out public education and have the nerve to ask for endorsements from the NEA and the AFT.

    My question is why ARE teachers so stupid that they allowed the NEA and the AFT to endorse these clowns? I've been a building rep, negotiator, association officer, and state delegate and I'm still a life long member of the national union in my district (even though I'm retired), but I can't for the life of me understand why we're kissing the a$$es of these people who are trying to destroy public education!!!

  2. I am so with you on that, Stu!!!! IMHO, Obama/Duncan make Dubya look like public education's best friend. The leaders of NEA and AFT need to be voted out. They do NOT represent their members and seem far too cozy with the privatizers. I couldn't believe it when Weingarten had Bill Gates as her keynote speakers at AFT's RA, and that teachers did not just get up and walk out puzzled me greatly. When NEA gave the early endorsement to Obama, I was, again, stunned and disgusted. And then DVR co-writes an article in HuffPo regarding teacher effectiveness with Wendy Kopp!?!?! RUFKM.