Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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March 30, 2011

After her brief stint as an unqualified teacher and totally NOT qualified Chancellor of DCPS, Michelle Rhee burst onto the screen in her debut role as herself, in the not nominated for an Oscar, fictional documentary, Waiting for Superman. Critics agreed that her cute yet edgy performance playing the role of her arrogant gritty, ball-breaking, take no prisoners self, would open the doors for former TFAers everywhere. In breaking barriers, she's right up there with Dorothy Dandridge. 

Following on the heels of her not award winning AMAZING performance in Waiting for Superman, Michelle Rhee, the Empress of Education, the Doyenne of DC, will soon be coming to a theater near you.  Reprising her much lauded role as Michelle Rhee, Rhee is hoping to inspire yet another generation of wannabes, or rather, Rheenabes, to go for their dreams, as she inspires them to reach for their highest level of incompetence. Slipping secretively amongst a group of adoring fans, spellbound by her magnificence, one can listen to murmurs of crap everywhere.

After limited release, Oscar buzz is in the air and those in the know predict a repeat of last year's Oscars. So fans, download your Fandango app now, and be the first to order your tickets to see Rhee starring in the not long awaited sequel....Waiting for Superfraud, coming to a theater near you. 

DISCLAIMER: Buying tickets early will ensure your seat in the theater before WFSf is released to DVD.

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