Saturday, March 26, 2011

with mouths taped shut

Michelle Rhee, the professional quitter and anti-public education spokesmodel, has started an organization to put Michelle First Students First, or so she alleges. She has become the Empress of Education after an impressive career as a Teach for America pretend unqualified non-credentialed teacher and "Chancellor" of DC public schools. Rhee occupied both positions for a mere three years before quitting. And for both positions, Rhee possessed neither the qualifications, credentials or experience to hold. According to the crafters of NCLB, she would be deemed highly unqualified for either position.
But being the tiger gal that she is, Rhee would never let willful ignorance get in her way. Never! And facts? Nope. Not valid unless Rhee has made them up. When she waves her magic broom and summons the incantation, "Research says....", no sooner than you can say, "Bibbity bobbity boo!" her lies facts are magically born and validated with no 'use by' date. No need for peer-reviewed research. Not for Rhee, she's above that. 
With the backing of her sugar daddy billionaire$, Rhee has set out on a course to brutally dismantle public education. You'll see her on Oprah, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, Fox News, the not nominated for an Oscar teacher bashing crappy fictional documentary, Waiting for Superman, and before state legislatures proselytizing.  Her message is simple, public education is "crappy". She makes unsubstantiated claim after unsubstantiated claim to push her agenda and her audiences lap it up, spellbound and evidently brain-dead. Dissenting voices are nowhere to be found. And therein lies the rub.
Venues to challenge the propaganda that Rhee promotes are virtually non-existent. Parents and teachers do not have billionaire$ backing their message. Our options are few, so thank goodness, for the blogosphere. Rhee loving nothing more than Rhee enthusiastically posts her propaganda on her All Rhee, All the Time website so that her devoted followers can hang on her every word or YouTube. She even made it possible for her loyal minions to adoringly blog and comment on her website. And they did.  And so did we.
In an effort to counter Rhee's propaganda and educate her fans, a small but mighty, well-researched group of public education advocates have challenged her claims. We have backed up our facts with links to the research. We are relentless and unwavering in our defense of public education. We aren't hesitant to call out Rhee or her devotees. Despite their lack of interest in research-based facts, we have valiantly advocated..... until yesterday.
I guess if one can't control the message, then that message is threatened and the threat must be neutralized. So yesterday, the comments section on her website was disabled and all comments were removed. Rhee is a bully. As she taped shut the mouths of her disobedient 2nd grade students in Baltimore, so has she taped shut the mouths of those daring to challenge her lying baseless claims. Truth hurts, I guess.
Tiger? Bully? Chicken???

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