Monday, May 30, 2011

one nation, under god?

Whose God would want to see the world's richest nation:
  • allow 23 percent of its children to live in poverty
  • allow 3,000,000 of its citizens to be homeless
    • with 1,300,000 of those citizens, homeless children
  • allow CEO bonuses at 50 major corporations to jump a median of 30.5 percent; while
    • 13,767,000 (9 percent) citizens are officially unemployed; with
      • the real number of unemployed citizens hovering at 22 percent
  • allow 59,000,000 citizens to be without health insurance
    • while the CEO of WellPoint was paid a bonus of $12,300,000 in 2010 (an increase from 2009)
  • allow programs for the least of these to be cut, while giving tax breaks to the wealthiest of these
  • allow public education, which serves ALL of the nation's children, to continue to be dismantled and severely underfunded, especially for those children living in poverty
  • allow $781,184,968,646+ to be spent on wars
    • where 6,013 American lives have been lost in Iraq and Afghanistan?

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