Sunday, May 22, 2011

sh!t arne says

Our 3- and 4-year-olds enter kindergarten OK, and they fall further and further behind.
Arne Duncan
Secretary of Education

Arne, there are two major problems with this statement. First, there are no states that have three year olds in kindergarten. Second, many of the so-called 'failing' children in 'failing' schools do NOT "enter kindergarten OK". The majority of children living in impoverished communities enter school several years behind their more affluent peers. The effects of poverty on brain development are well documented.

Your statement exemplifies why it is problematic having non-educators dictating education policy. Simply put, you don't know shit what you are talking about. By continuing to ignore the role poverty plays in student achievement, you will never find a solution. By willfully ignoring the educated views of teachers, education scholars, and peer-reviewed research, you will continue to implement policies that will harm our most needy children.

Arne, the education policies you implemented in Chicago failed. Why do you continue to mislead the public and mandate the implementation of those failed strategies across the nation?


  1. @TFT :) Arne's such a moronic dolt!

  2. How have I NOT been reading your blog all these days? You say what many think . It gets real old being a lone voice in a wilderness! I feel so much better knowing that there is intelligent life out there!
    Keep on blogging, sister!

  3. Glad u found me, spedlady! Sometimes we've just gotta laugh! :)