Sunday, June 26, 2011

sh!t arne says

Ok, Arne, have you ever noticed that you have many words and phrases that you just LOVE to use ad nauseam. Given that you ARE our nation's Secretary of Education, I'd think you'd have a more developed vocabulary, but, like, whatever. Maybe those wildly expensive, high-tuition private schools aren't all that after all! (If I were your folks, I'd ask for a serious refund!) So here's one that really bugs me, and you use it in just about every speech you give:
"I feel a huge sense of urgency about this."
EVERY TIME you utter those words, Arne, I just start laughing! I'm NOT kidding!! Pinkie swear! Every time you talk about having a "sense of urgency", I think you're talking about needing to take a leak. And then I just start ROFL. And considering that you're kinda having a sense of seriousness about you, laughing during your message is probably not what you're going for, you know? But I just can't help it. 

So if you could retire that phrase, I would REALLY appreciate it. Totally! 

Oh, and BTW, you really should work on expanding your vocab. Your speeches are all sounding like the same old crap every time you speak. You're getting kinda boring with your message. You need to spice it up a bit. Or better yet, it would be so (I'll use some of your favorite words here) enormously, awesomely, absolutely, hugely, extraordinarily, and fundamentally COOL if you'd also start quoting some facts in your speeches, not those made up, kind of misinformationy things you like to say. OK? Could you do that, Arne? I mean I'm just sayin'....

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  1. omG, tracey! you are me. we're like sisters from another mister or whatever. keep trying to educate public education enemy no. 1. not that he's listening. if only, right? love your style. you had me at your "about me."

    seriously (not that the above wasn't, cause i like TOTALLY get you), keep speaking truth to power. bravo.

    @excullen (twitter)