Wednesday, June 1, 2011

whack-a-teacher derailed

BREAKING NEWS: Whack-a-Teacher, slated to replace the popular Whack-a-Mole by the end of 2011, is already on a trajectory to obsolescence. Coming instead, to a game arcade near you, will be several new AMAZING Whack-A games: Whack-a-Duncan, Whack-a-Rhee, and Whack-a-Gates. Predicted to be HUGELY successful, these games are the start of a new gaming franchise, Whack-a-Corporate-Education-Deformer. This was the brainchild of a credentialed, highly-qualified, highly-effective, enormously pissed-off teacher on the Left Coast, Teacher Anon. When asked why she created this franchise, Ms. Anon stated that the recent gutting of public education budgets and the rampant amount of misinformation being blasted by the corporate ed deformers, inspired her to look at new ways to fund public education while at the same time having a little fun with its adversaries. Not only does she expect the new Whack-A games to be enjoyed by kids, she also expects a new demographic to join in the fun - public school employees and parents of over-tested children. "It'll be a lot cheaper than seeing a psychiatrist and taking anti-depressants to combat the stress we're all feeling," said Ms. Anon at a recent PTSA meeting. Production is in full swing and future games are already in the pipeline: Whack-a-Broad, Whack-a-Klein, Whack-a-Bloomie, Whack-a-SupermanWhack-a-Wendy (couldn't resist the alliterative quality), as well as several Whack-a-Governor games.

ALL profits from this Outside the Box venture will be used to fund struggling schools, prioritizing small class sizes and experienced intervention teachers as real reforms that work!

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