Thursday, June 16, 2011

why I'm marching on July 30th

The Save Our Schools March and National Call to Action is supported by teachers, students, parents and concerned citizens across the nation in support of public education. This is an authentic grassroots movement that supports:

Equitable funding for all schools

  • An end to high stakes testing used for the purpose of student, teacher, and school evaluation

  • Teacher, family and community leadership in forming public education policies

  • Curriculum developed for and by local school communities

I am standing up to the 'status quo' created by the policies of the Bush administration and NCLB, then supersized through the policies of the current administration and Race to the Top

I am standing up against the takeover of public education by corporate education deformers, Michelle Rhee, Bill Gates, Eli Broad, the Walton Family, the Koch brothers and the DeVos family. The endgame is to turn taxpayer dollars over to billionaires and privatize public education.

I want my kids to have a rich, developmentally appropriate curricula. I want my kids to have committed, highly-qualified teachers in their classrooms, not a college graduate with 5 weeks of 'training'. I don't want my kids tested to death. I want my kids to become lifelong learners. I want the successes of ALL children to be celebrated, not just the children labeled 'proficient' on a standardized test. I want education policy put back in the hands of true educators, not politicians or billionaires.

That is why I am traveling across the country to participate in the Save Our Schools March. I'm marching for our kids because they need a voice. Please join me in Washington, DC on July 30th.

For information about the Save Our Schools March and National Call to Action, please click here.

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